Shutups are releasing their new EP, 5, October 2 via Kill Rock Stars. Preview the exclusive video for “Death From Behind.” 


The first single, “Death From Behind,” is a walking tempo guitar chugger without a chorus, dusty Mellotron flutes, and a lazy bass solo. “It’s a slightly deflated and sunburnt summer smash hit”, says Mia. “Last Place,” the EPs closing track, is a nostalgic acoustic number about missing road trips with friends.

“I spent the first two months of quarantine at my parents house in Livermore, CA, sleeping in my brother’s childhood room,” she explains. “Without a consistent work schedule, my sleeping patterns began to reach later and later, spending most of my nights writing until 3 a.m. and sleeping in until 2 p.m.. I’d take smoke breaks out the bathroom window and sneak into the kitchen after midnight for a bowl of cereal, careful not to disturb my parents.

“’Death From Behind’ was the first song I wrote during those two months, on St. Patrick’s day. The song reflects heavily on past experiences I had in that house: calling in to Live105 to request my friends’ bands’ songs, my naive teenage depression, my first real heartbreak, and being mistaken for dead by my own mother. It was a revealing song to write, facilitated by the overly emotional time of a global pandemic.

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