Interview: Sepultura Guitarist Andreas Kisser on Making of New LP, ‘SepulQuarta’

For a band that have been constantly active for 35 years, coming an abrupt stop just after releasing a well-received record is everything they thought would never happen. Sepultura were left lost, just like the rest of us, and with many questions about what the pandemic would bring.  

However, the band took the elements they were left with, and eventually, through pure chance and no pre-planning, developed an incredible, 15-track record that signifies a piece of history for them. SepulQuarta is a treasure, a relic, and a piece of gold that was constructed at a time when being creative was seriously lacking normality.

SepulQuarta is a record that comprises of the band crafting and performing with guests featured on every track. The record was the result of a weekly, online unity, hosted by the band and their friends for fans. Guitar player Andreas Kisser reflects on the new record and its humble beginnings.  

“This album was not intentional at all; we never planned to do an album,” he says. “We were doing events every Wednesday, which was our way of staying healthy as a band and talking to each other, to stay connected as bandmates and brothers, and for the fans to gain a new aspect of the band. Tours stopped; backstage life stopped, and our regular life disappeared. The Wednesday events allowed us to talk to our fans and perform our music for them while remembering old stories, and it truly kept us alive.” 

These efforts highlight the fact that Sepultura knew the importance of maintaining a strong bond between themselves and their dedicated fan base, at a time where the music industry had all its life taken away.

Kisser further explains how experimental musical sessions on Wednesdays with their long-term and talented friends resulted in further connectivity with third-party musicians. 


“We then decided to invite our friends to the Wednesday sessions to jam with us and have conversations about a variety of topics, from depression to sports, and it was a truly great experience,” he shares. “By the end of 2020, we had accumulated amazing material from our guests. This release is not a livestream album or anything like that; it’s extremely unique and a whole different result of music from this lockdown.” 

SepulQuarta is the spontaneous result of a pursuit to push friendship at a time in history when it was so important.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Kisser dives into how the band moved forward with actually tracking the record. After the improvised internet sessions ended, the band listened back and recorded their parts for the album from home, outside a studio, with whatever resources they had. 

“Everyone was recording at their houses, the best they could,” Kisser says. “We had vocals recorded in bathrooms and kitchens, and drums recorded with an iPhone in a garden. We took these raw approaches and made the record happen, and it was amazing. We chose 15 songs to be mixed and mastered for this release, and the material is fantastic. This album is something that was created by itself and was genuinely not planned at all. The pandemic was an awful time, but this album is beautiful, and this band truly made the best out of the situation”

The entire project highlights the fact that when one door closes, Sepultura has the ability to open ten more. The band took a form of streamed entertainment and realized something special had happened, and the result is SepulQuarta, an amazing achievement from an already-iconic band. Kisser concludes with these final words on how the amalgamation of the project between band members, fans, and featured musicians is the heartbeat of the album, and the true success of SepulQuarta 

“The pandemic proved that this band can work with the elements we have and make the best of it, a positive attitude will always result in success,” Kisser says. “The performances on this album are very special, and so unique, because we built it together, with the fans right there with us.” 

Watch the video for “Apes of God” here:

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Photos courtesy of Sepultura and Marcos Hermes.

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