DC skate punks American Television have dropped a cover of Operation Ivy’s “Officer”, in response to police brutality that’s plaguing Black Lives Matter protests all over the country.

The band have used the current global shit-show to do good, raising money for BLM with their cover, which was featured on the Wiretap Records’ Attention! comp and raised money for the NAACP. They’ve also raised money for the Equal Justice Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, and the workers at their t-shirt printer (Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations). Even before the pandemic, they were supporting WIRES to raise money for victims of the Australian wildfires.

Check out the cover of Op Ivy’s “Officer” below. Follow the band on Bandcamp and hear their debut LP, Watch it Burn, released in January 2020 via Wiretap Records. You can also catch the band at the rescheduled Fest 19 in October 2021.


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