News: Atreyu Release Track ‘Forevermore’ From ‘A Torch in the Dark’ EP

Atreyu have released their next single, “Forevermore”, off of their newest EP, A Torch in the Dark. The record will be the third and final installment of Atreyu’s upcoming concept album, The Beautiful Dark of Life. 

“Forevermore” is defined as a love song, channeling all five of their individual emotions, merging together to create one united voice.

Bassist Marc McKnight explains:

“I hear very specific lyrics now and can remember exactly who or what I was thinking of when that came out.”

While frontman Brandon Saller labels the track:

“The most vulnerable, tender moment this band has ever had.”

Fans can stream/watch “Forevermore” and A Torch in the Dark EP here.

Photo credit: Michaela Austin 

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