The good news is that Bob Mould dropped his excellent, 13th studio album, Blue Hearts, last week on Merge Records. The bad news is that the massive CD box set, Distortion: 1989-2019, has been delayed by a couple of weeks until October 23. 

The other good news?  The box set will be worth the wait. The ambitious, 24-disc set will cover Mould’s entire post-Husker Dü career right up until Blue Hearts. That means it collects all of his solo albums and all the Sugar albums from several different labels. It also contains multiple live sets and a bunch of previously unreleased studio cuts. 

For wax fanatics, the vinyl version will be broken into smaller sections of Mould’s discography. Either way, it really is a dream come true for fans and completists to have all this essential material together in one place. Pre-order here.   


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