screaming females graphic novel

Screaming Females guitarist/vocalist Marissa Paternoster and Don Giovanni Records founder Joe Steinhardt have teamed up for a graphic novel called Merriment. Steinhardt wrote the story and Paternoster handled the illustrations. The 128 page book will be available as a paperback or a very limited edition signed hard cover. You can order both versions here.

The story follows Mack, a young woman living in New Jersey and dreaming of a life in back in New Your City. The reader will experience her highs and lows, and her sorrows and joys, as she searches for meaning in this life. There are even some surprise twists along the way. While Merriment is the pair’s first literary partnership, Paternoster and Steinhardt have collaborated previously in the band Modern Hut.

Check out New Noise Magazine Issue #38 – featuring Screaming Females and artwork done by front-woman herself, Marissa Paternoster. The issue includes single, “Take It Back,” on the flexi disc – recorded by Steve Albini at Electric Audio. Get yours here!


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