Photo by itsalivemedia

Because of Covid-19, prolific punk musician Rikk Agnew is unable to tour and make a living. Destroy Art has set up a Go Fund Me page to help Agnew and his wife Gitane Demone pay for basic expenses. You can donate here. Rest assured that both are vegetarian, and drug and alcohol free.

Agnew spent time in legendary Orange County punk bands like Adolescents, D.I. and Social Distortion. He also played with goth pioneers Christian Death and Grave 45. On top of all that, he’s a solo musician and an experimental fine artist. New Noise Issue 42 with Adolescents on the cover

He’s offering some cool incentives for donating. The choices range from standard fare like T-shirts, LPs and DVDs, to personal access to the artist and fine art from his private collection. Check out his official merch store, and his Destroy Art page


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