Album Premiere: So Badly – ‘Lemon Blue’

Formed in 2017, So Badly is a four-piece dream-pop indie rock band from Fredericksburg, VA. Four years later, the band is ready to release their debut album, Lemon Blue, on March 12.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere Lemon Blue in full below:

So Badly was established in 2017 by Sarah Kinzer (they/them), Grace Howie (she/her), and Kevin Coleman (he/him) in Grace and Sarah’s college apartment. It started as vocal and two guitars but blossomed from there as Howie learned bass.

The first drummer added was Annie Frazza (she/her) who was with the band until late 2018, followed by current drummer Daniel Drees (he/him). They recorded their first LP in early 2020 and eventually replaced Coleman with current guitarist Frida Salmoran (they/them).

On the release of Lemon Blue, Howie states:

“The record for us encapsulates both slivers of our personal lives and of everything that has happened to us so far as a band. It’s all the fun and the frustration, along with a current feeling of hopefulness since its a reminder of how great it feels to play music while we wait for the time we can again.

This started out as Sarah and I recording covers in a dorm closet in 2017, but we’ve come so far and it’s because of my bandmates. They’re invaluable to me both as people and musicians. The friendship between us has always been a priority and that’s what makes it so worth it and work so well.”

Pre-order Lemon Blue here.

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