Album Premiere: DISHPIT – ‘DIPSHIT’

Montreal trio DISHPIT bring an attitude of feminist absurdism to post-punk/grunge in order to take up as much space as possible in a male-dominant genre. Their debut album, DIPSHIT, is set for release on March 12.

New Noise Magazine is proud to premiere DIPSHIT in full below:

Carving out their niche in the Montreal music scene, DISHPIT draws inspiration from riot grrrl, grunge, and post-punk, but brings a freaky, femme energy that is distinctly unique to them. Unafraid to experiment, DISHPIT often challenges the confines of genre and normative songwriting; including unconventional time signatures and structural dynamics to create a sound unparalleled.

During their live performances they are known to be animated and eccentric, while keeping the musical performances tight. They don’t shy away from theatrics and occasional stage antics – during one show bassist Jed Stein and lead vocalist and guitarist Nora Kelly dressed up as dominatrix and led drummer Ethan Soil through the crowd in a diaper while whipping him (lightly). Nora and Jed got together while living in an abandoned factory in Montreal, Canada, where each loft was rented out to different artists.

A long-time songwriter and musician, Nora’s creative ambition was the inciting influence that catalyzed the group’s formation. Also a social misfit and outcast in adolescence, Nora saw Jed as a twin flame and potential co-conspirator, with the capacity to learn quickly and bring her own creative abilities as a trained dancer and multimedia artist.

On the release of DIPSHIT, Kelly states:

“We recorded this album years ago when we signed with a record label in the UK. At the beginning of 2020 they just started ghosting us out of nowhere. It’s still a mystery to me why we can’t get in contact with them, but we luckily got the rights back to the album and can finally release it ourselves.

It means a lot to finally get the album out there in the world. It’s hard to stay motivated as a band when there are roadblocks with a record label, followed by COVID. Thankfully we all live in the same apartment building and have been able to continue to play music. Hopefully nothing else gets in our way.

With the album out, the dream is to tour the U.S. Lookout!”

Pre-order and stream DIPSHIT here.

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