Album Review: Big Drink – It Was Supposed To Be So Easy


Pop-Punk band Big Drink have released their latest EP, It Was Supposed To Be So Easy.

Big Drink explore the world of pop-punk while lacing it with elements of hardcore, making for an electrifying pairing.

It Was Supposed To Be So Easy enters with a quick intro-track, “Broken Lights,” stringing together all elements that their music has to offer and leaving listeners intrigued.

“Cerebro” brings a vibrant sound, leaning heavier on their pop-punk influence while delivering a notable edge.

Following swiftly behind “Cerebro” comes “Swag Bag,” emphasizing their use of heavier guitar tones to showcase the capability in making a diverse sounds.

As listeners continue to adventure through this EP, they’ll find “Different Circles” the track embraces a choppy element that cruises along making for an addictive melody.

The EP closes out on “For The Clout” embodying all aspects of their music creating danceable-hooks and leaving fans wanting for from Big Drink.

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